Pricing varies with the amount of time the work will take. If you have all the metal and gems it will be priced at labor plus finishing cost.

Additional metal and gemstones can be purchased at market value if you do not have enough to complete your design.


Estimates are always free.

I will always try to work with you and what you can afford..




With the remaining opals a suite of earrings and pendant were made.

This was the final finished pendant. The design was made so the customer could wear it two ways...point up or down.

This design uses the elements of the first.

Here again the Cattails are the theme with

a Dragonfly accent.


The opals suggested a shimmering pond so the Cattails, Dragonfly and Lily pad made this a natural statement...and was the chosen design.

This was another of the design suggestions, using Butterflies and



Only the opal triplets and diamonds are used in this motif.

The custom design work starts on paper.

The customer had numerous opals and channel set diamonds. There were pieces of other jewelry, I felt could be incorporated into the design, that held sentimental value to her.


I always work up two or three designs before proceeding to the wax for final approval.



 Remaking  your outdated or broken jewelry into new and exciting

one of a kind creations...


The following are examples of customers stones and precious metals reworked into new designs to suit their taste .

Custom Work


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Another example of custom work using one of my existing designs and adding the customers gem stones.

They decided upon seeing the wax, that the gems would make the piece too formal for everyday wear.

The photo on the right shows the finished piece which was made from the gold they supplied.