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Sher, Fatima & JR





For over 30 years Sher has created imaginative and unique designs derived from nature, myth and fancy. Sher likens her craft to painting in gold and silver then colors the jewelry works of art with gemstones and patinas.

Sher's career in gold and silver jewelry has taken her from the suburban surroundings of Los Angeles in the mid-1960's to her Pacific Northwest studio where Sher has been located in Southern Oregon since 1979.

Sher has exhibited at all the prestigious Horse Shows in the United States : The Arabian Horse Nationals, Scottsdale All Arabian, World Championship Quarter Horse Show, American Quarter Horse Congress, Rolex Three Day Event, International Thoroughbred Exhibition and Conference, World Championship Saddlebred Show and Junior League, The Friesian Horse Nationals, Friesian Extravaganza and numerous regional championship and open horse shows featuring various horse breeds. Sher's expertise in the animal art extends into the Canine world as well. Sher often exhibites in Great Britain at Crufts ,the largest dog show in the world.

Sher's passion for working with jewelry began during her high school years where she learned the finer points of sawing, soldering, polishing and stone setting. An apprenticeship in 1968 for a custom jewelry store near UCLA in Westwood Village , California took Sher to the next level where she first became the store's main designer, then the owner just four years later. Sher's work was highly regarded as part of the California Renaissance Fairs for many years. From designing nature and fantasy themes, she turned to her love of horses and started participating in major national & regional horse shows. Sher's designs have illustrated  horse breeds from Arabians to Thoroughbreds and everything in between. Her favorite breed of Dog, the short legged Jack Russell Terrier, lead her to breeding and raising them. As with the horses, Sher started going to Dog Shows with her designs. Sher has a wide selection of various breeds from all of the Dog Groups.

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